Intuitive Energy Work

Our body systems are run by electromagnetic currents that pass through our body. A good example of this is the AED or defibrillator rescue current which may help to restart the heart after it stops. We can share electromagnetic energy between all living beings if we train in accessing this subtle awareness.

In quantum theory, our intentions are the most influential impact on the results that manifest. In Quantum Energy Work we set an intention to facilitate an electromagnetic resonance to produce results for the highest good.  This means we can resolve some very old patterns of pain or negative thinking resulting from trauma or imbalances that have taken hold. I combine with the Mindful Metaphor facilitation.

In Energy Work we discuss your health goals from a broad perspective for you to be ready to change your paradigm. Then I scan my hands over your body field using the ancient meridian system and chakras to assess the areas that need attention. Next, we invite divine light ~universal or specific to your beliefs ~to preside with us. Along with our conversation, I continue to scan the body fields and,  together we shift the energy into your new dynamic paradigm.

Intuitive Energy can be utilized long distance or in person.

It can also be a part of the bodywork session. Sometimes, it happens organically during a session because it is part of what I have to offer. My training in energy work began with my shiatsu teacher Pauline Sasaki who introduced a technique called Quantum Shiatsu. I studied Reiki with Marcus Conn in the 90’s.  Currently, I study with Dr. Gene Ang who is an international teacher of Arcturian Healing Light.

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