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Mindful Metaphors coaching is a process that helps you arrive at an answer, core insight, through a series of carefully worded, guided questions called Clean Language. It is a form of dialogue with your inner self. What you uncover are your own deepest truths–wisdom within you–that helps you clear any obstacle and transform it into an ally. The process is gentle, organic, powerful. It is effective yet also efficient: you find that your responses get to the heart of the matter.  This facilitation works seamlessly with Bodywork therapy and on it's own.  When it is combined with the bodywork the cellular memory stored in the body can more easily be addressed. Many people find resolution in just one session.

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Mindful Metaphors is one of my main tools. It all begins with simple open-ended questions, to invite your curiosity to look closer and reveal answers within yourself. This facilitation is called "Clean Language".  You will find your intuitive knowing or authentic self with the images and physical sensations that speak directly to you in your metaphor.  In this way, the facilitation of limiting old beliefs or somatic traumatic patterns provides new directions and options.  When engaged in the Mindful Metaphors process you gain a richer capacity to listen, play, feel, and express.  This has a direct impact on creating what you want and recreating your past.

During the Pandemic, I  began exploring the Enneagram and now I am certified as an Enneagram Informed coach.  This includes a seven-minute meditation practice and strategies for deepening the experience of being self-aware and present. This is integral to my mission to provide meaningful content to my coaching practice.

In the 1980s, I began my journey exploring the Mind/Body/Spirit- in Japan with Asian bodywork and meditation practices. I continue to be inspired by the profound results it provides to each person.  Shiatsu uses therapeutic touch along the acupoints and energetic pathways that connect the neuromuscular system with the mind-body response. I have integrated my bodywork with Manual Lymphatic Drainage MLD, and Intuitive Energy Work.
I am certified in MLD by Klose Training and Vodder School International.  With gentle and rhythmic stretching directly to the skin to drain the lymph pathways–which have become congested due to illness, injury, or surgery–MLD cleanses the tissues and initiates an immune response. 

In Cambridge, England, I completed certification in metaphor coaching with Penny and James Lawley, the founders of Symbolic Modeling. This process was developed by David Grove.  Currently, I assist Gina Campbell in teaching professional coaches in Baltimore at her school called “Mining Your Metaphors.” Metaphors are the window into what is holding us back or motivating us to move forward. My patients enjoy this insightful, emergent process.

Since 1990 I have been a professional member and certified instructor of AOBTA. Since 1994 I have held a Maryland state license under the Chiropractic Board.  In 2009 I graduated from the Energetix College of BioEnergetic Medicine to be qualified to recommend nutritional remedies for home care, which enhances health maintenance and detoxification.

I am also an instructor of meditation at Kadampa Meditation Center. In 2009 I started as a research assistant and guide for a clinical study specializing in meditation and states of consciousness assisted by psychedelic therapy at The Johns Hopkins University Medical School

Through my years of clinical experience — having studied with some of the best teachers in meditation, Asian bodywork therapy, Lymph Drainage Therapy, and Mindful Metaphor Facilitation  and Enneagram Informed Coaching— I am prepared to offer you high-quality services.

What People Have to Say About Working With Rosemary

"Hi Rosemary,
So glad you are in my neighborhood. Your Shiatsu is definitely amazing and I look forward to your heart and hands soon."


"I started working with Rosemary about ten years ago when I had a cough that wouldn’t go away. Her shiatsu therapy helped me get rid of it and it has never returned. Shiatsu Therapy with Rosemary has helped me stay on a path of wellness and grow into living the kind of healthy lifestyle that I had hoped for."

Judy P.

"My acupuncturist recommended Rosemary to me when I was suffering with asthma. After a series of treatments, my asthma was gone. Recently, four years since my previous treatment, I got a cough and asthma again. I contacted Rosemary and she treated me and the cough and asthma subsided quite quickly. She has a very special and healing touch. Thanks for the great treatments."

Pam Corckran

"I recently started seeing Rosemary to help treat chronic pain. She helped me feel better after just the first session. Rosemary’s style is warm and supportive. I’m grateful to be working with her." 

Maria Wydra

"Last fall I had three Mindful Metaphor sessions with Rosemary. She created a very comfortable environment. It opened me up to underlying imagery and themes in my life that are always present but that I was only semi-aware of. This unveiling continues to resonate and is a good tool in terms of figuring out what is important."

Johanna Biehler

"Rosemary's a fantastic healer and is very experienced in doing energy work. I had terrible sinus problems and she would massage my upper palate using acupressure points and I could literally feel my sinuses open and drain. The relief was instantaneous and lasted for weeks."

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