Scars – Hidden Roadblocks to Full Recovery?

We all have accumulated scars either from our childhood or from surgeries or burns.

Once healed over, scar tissue is often ignored but sometimes we are left with the subtle sensations of pain or numbness in the area of the scar, a calloused fibrotic tissue may have formed, and often these can be related to a chronic discomfort or even imbalances in structure and circulation.

Surprisingly we may not be aware of the cumulative tension that this may be causing to our body’s harmony and flow. Lymph fluid cannot move through scars and hardened (fibrotic/keloid) areas, whether the cause was surgery, radiation, or lymphedema.

For example, a patient of mine was struggling with chronic hip and abdominal pain. After just one session where we focused on her C-section scar (from 20 years ago), she felt relief and subsequently her chiropractic adjustments began to hold better.

You may be familiar and even disappointed with a more aggressive approach to treating scar tissue. However, I know through repeated success with individualized protocols for my patients that the Manual Lymph Drainage Massage (MLD) is a relaxing technique that gently encourages the fascia or connective tissue to “unwind”.

Do you have scars that may be affecting your overall health? MLD is highly effective at softening scar tissue and even reversing severe scarring from burns in most areas.

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